Today, Octee came to see us but he was feeling sad.

The children gave him some advice which was to tell an adult or friend and to talk about his problem.

Octee did this and he felt much better.

His face turned from being sad to happy.






This week, the children have been learning how to stay safe when on the computer and being SMART.


Anti Bullying week

This week for Anti bullying week we will be taking part in lots of activities about using kind words. We have decorated odd socks with kind words and sorted actions into kind and unkind.

History – timeline

Scan the QR code to hear our lesson on chronology. We learnt that we were born 6 years ago, our teacher was born 40 years ago and guy fawkes plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament 400 years ago.


This week we began our PE unit of gymnastics. Here we are exploring different ways to move. Leaping, hopping, skipping and twirling.